Serenity by Organization

Organizational Consulting

Achieve serenity and coolness by better organization and management.

The company organization needs to be adapted to the current requirements. Let me help you that in your business everything runs smoothly and the everyday business does not cause stress.

Clinic and Health

Specializing in complex tasks in hospitals and in health:

  • Optimization of processes
  • Collaboration among different departments and professional groups
  • Needs assessment
  • Relocation of departments or the whole hospital

Self-organization and time management

  • Practical knowledge for everyday use
  • Adapted methodology
  • Special Solutions
  • Support of the implementation
Dietmar von Schütz
Dietmar von Schütz

Individual coaching and coaching groups

  • Individual coaching for new challenges or in crisis situations.
  • Decide, delegate, organize ...
  • Team building processes for groups
  • Improve teamwork between departments
  • Success Teams